Regenerative drive for elevator 50A,11KW, Chopper Voltage 310V

Description of Regenerative Unit:

This series adopts 32 bit high-performance industrial MPU with fast respond, high-accuracy process control, making the inverter operating in four-quadrant, continuously feedback,and regenerative braking frequency below 40%. Electric regeneration efficiency up to 97%. Using SPWM modulation to greatly reduce distinctive peaks of current and form perfect sine wave current, input side current THD lower than 5%, power factor up to 99%.It can prevent power grid flowing back, overheating, overcurrent, out of phase, undervoltage,and short circuit.
Sikes regenerative unit can replace the conventional braking unit & resistors , which collect the power usually wasted into heat and convert it back into power grid . The advantages are obvious :
1: Collect the extra power generated by VFD instead of wasting it as heat , so cool down the equipment and extend service life .
2: By reducing the temperature of the equipment , it also reduce the load of cooling equipment , another saving on power cost .

Here are some application cases of SIKES Regenerator for elevator:

Characteristics of this series:

Power range:7.5KVA-55KVA
Rated current: 25-150A
Working DC power voltage: DC 310/620V(±5V)
Output AC power voltage : three-phase AC 220/380V
Operating frequency: 46-60Hz
Accuracy index: setting error less than 0.5%
Overload capability:110% long-term,150% 1min,180% 2s.
Working conditions: containing built-in intelligent fan, high and low order harmonic filter, external short circuit protection.
Protection class: IP20
Protection function: OCP,OVP,UVP,overheating protection and polarity protection.
Anti-jamming capability: meet the requirement of GB/T 15153.1(IEC60870-2-1) 4 class high-frequency interference test:
-Common mode:2.5KV, 1MHz, 2S
-Differential mode:1.0KV, 1MHz, 2SGB/T
EMC: Accord with GB/T 17626.4( IEC61000-4-4)4 class EFT interference test;GB/T 17626.3( IEC61000-4-4)4 class radiation EMF test;GB/T 17626.2( IEC61000-4-4)4 class ESD test.
Environmental ambient temperature: -10℃~+60℃(non-frozen)
Cooling mode: forced-air cooling
Installation method: wall-mounted, floor type
Standard: ISO,FCC,CE

Application of Regenerative Unit:

Dedicated for elevator

Regenerative drive and Braking unit
Efficiency >97%
IP Class IP00
Nominal Current Range (A) 50
Operating Frequency 46-60Hz
Output Voltage(V) 220
Power range (KW) 11
Chopper Voltage (V) 310

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